Rock Market - The Ice Queen_001

She gazes out the window at a land so velvet white,

that glitters in the brightness;

such a captivating sight.

The mountains rise in pinnacles of glinting crystal ice

and yet, the lure of beauty’s not sufficient to entice.

She stays within her palace that is frigid with the cold.

The fear of stark exposure, on her soul, maintains it’s hold.

For eons she has safely stayed within her ice confines.

Now loneliness with fortitude, her character defines.

Accustomed to the solitude of years, she’s slowly grown.

This icy palace, clear as glass, is all she’s ever known.

She sees the splendid Sun King swiftly ride across the sky.

The brilliance of his grandeur she admires with a sigh.

But she could never venture out, for if they chanced to meet,

she’d rapidly be melted by his all consuming heat,

and so she is content to watch the world from where she stays,

as snowy dunes lie sparkling ‘neath the Sun’s alluring rays.

Dress – *IO* Ice Queen -green-
Available at Rock Factory Christmas Market
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Hair – .:EMO-tions:. * MEREDITH * BLACK/WHITE