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March 2016

30/31 Woman Makes The World Go Round

Woman Makes The World Go Round

Woman Makes The World Go Round

says it all – no other words needed!

Another beautiful piece of artwork included in the 30/31 event.

You can find this Item here…
Artemis’ Corner

Event Opens TODAY! and runs till April 7th

Learn more about the event here

About the Artist….

I’m Artemis and as my name says I come from Greece.
I’m a restless person and I love to create things in RL too.

I joined sl 2.5 years ago and the unlimited possibilities of this world attracted by spirit. I first started my creations by building Greek houses but soon enough I discovered that that was not the way I wanted to express myself.

My statues capture moments of life where humans express themselves. Some of them are inspired by the beauty of ancient Greece. Very recently I was proudly invited to create some of the statues adorning the Royal Opera & Gardens.

I’m not an expert in graphics since my RL profession has nothing to do with arts and I had to study hard to learn how to use programs such as Blender or Photoshop for my work . But I keep going and I keep learning cause that makes me happy.

So far I’ve joined the Builders Brewery Relay for Life Art Auction and the Windlight Magazine Artist’s Fellowship program.

You’re welcomed to see my work at:

3031 Logo

The beautiful setting here was created especially for this item by my good friend Nodnol Jameson. you can see more of her brilliant work here

The Spirit of The Sea

CC Rings an Vengeful Rowena for Genre_007

What say ye of pirates gold?
Sailing through th’ Nevertold
Steer ye now t’waters still
Raise th’ rum and drink yer fill
Heave ho, raise yer colours high
Yer cap’n with th’ weather eye
Cast yer minds to times a-past
The battles fought ‘n oceans vast
A life’s adventure, a pirate’s free
Wandering spirits of th’ sea

CC Rings an Vengeful Rowena for Genre_003

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Coming Soon – 30/31 Event

30.31 Chop Zuey_002

I am excited to be blogging for this new event. The 30/31 Event is run by Windlight Magazine, more information can be found here…

This event is designed to promote 2D, 3D, and decorative arts and to introduce people to the amazing artists of Second life!

The 30/31 Event is a Bi monthly event, starting on either 30th or 31st of every other month and running for 1 week. The first event will begin at 12.00AM slt on 31st March and run until 7th April. This round is sponsored by Chop Zuey..

Belle Roussel, owner and designer of Chop Zuey has created this very lovely and unique set. The I Got Your Number Set. You can find the lm to her mainstore below.


**Sponsor: Chop Zuey:**

3031 Logo

All The Little Lights

LE Xylia_003

We’re born with millions
Of little lights shining in the dark
And they show us the way
One lights up, every time you feel love in your heart
One dies when it moves away

LE Xylia_008

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Location – Duet

The Luck Of The Irish – Part 6

Black Rose Chi and Circa_001

If you could keep voices like flowers
There’d be shamrock all over the world
If you could drink dreams like Irish streams
Then the world would be high as the mountain of morn

Black Rose Chi and Circa_004

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The Luck of The Irish – Part 5

Glitter and Modern Courture_006

May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been
the foresight to know where you’re going
and the insight to know when you’re going too far.

Glitter and Modern Courture_007

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The Luck Of The Irish – Part 4

The Luck of the Irish 4

When Irish Eyes are Smiling sure it’s like a morn in spring
In the lilt of Irish laughter you can hear the angels sing
when Irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay
but when Irish eyes are smiling sure they’ll steal your heart away

The Luck Of The Irish 4 (2)

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The Luck Of The Irish – Part 3

The Luck of the Irish Part 3

Come and take pot-luck with me. My hearth is warm, my friendship’s free.

This blessing comes from Ireland itself, I visited the sim of Flanagan Falls for this photo, its beautiful, well worth a visit, landmark is below in credits 🙂

The Luck Of The Irish Part 3 (2)

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The Little Leprachaun

Vengeful St Patricks Day_003

There once was a little leprechaun
who was short, very tricky and green
No one could catch this leprechaun
for, he was seldom ever seen
He played a magical wooden flute
that, at times would fill the air
You could sometimes hear the music he played
even though he was not there
They say that leprechauns live in hollowed out trees
just inside the forests edge
But, we’ll never know exactly where
for, that’s part of their sacred pledge
To hide from every person in sight
whether they…be young or old
That’s the only way to hide away
their great big pot of gold
So, if you hear some music playing
within the forest green
Just know it could be that leprechaun
who is seldom ever seen
Vengeful Threads Logo 2016
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