Woman Makes The World Go Round

Woman Makes The World Go Round

says it all – no other words needed!

Another beautiful piece of artwork included in the 30/31 event.

You can find this Item here…
Artemis’ Corner

Event Opens TODAY! and runs till April 7th

Learn more about the event here  http://windlightmagazine.com/3031-event/

About the Artist….

I’m Artemis and as my name says I come from Greece.
I’m a restless person and I love to create things in RL too.

I joined sl 2.5 years ago and the unlimited possibilities of this world attracted by spirit. I first started my creations by building Greek houses but soon enough I discovered that that was not the way I wanted to express myself.

My statues capture moments of life where humans express themselves. Some of them are inspired by the beauty of ancient Greece. Very recently I was proudly invited to create some of the statues adorning the Royal Opera & Gardens.

I’m not an expert in graphics since my RL profession has nothing to do with arts and I had to study hard to learn how to use programs such as Blender or Photoshop for my work . But I keep going and I keep learning cause that makes me happy.

So far I’ve joined the Builders Brewery Relay for Life Art Auction and the Windlight Magazine Artist’s Fellowship program.

You’re welcomed to see my work at:

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The beautiful setting here was created especially for this item by my good friend Nodnol Jameson. you can see more of her brilliant work here