Simply Marvelous!

A lot of NEW stuff in today's post. First of all may I say I'm thrilled to be an official blogger the Marvelous Monthly event. I believe previously this was a bi weekly event, but from 1st July (tomorrow) it becomes monthly and I will be bringing you all the hot exclusives right here! Link... Continue Reading →

I hope He comes Home Soon

I hope he comes home soon. A quick post today while I wait by the window for a glimpse of my man coming home! Cute dress from Masoom as always Amber never disappoints. Jocelyn is 100 % original mesh work. Exclusive for LOST & FOUND . Fitted mesh for Maitreya , Slink physique and Hourglass... Continue Reading →

Back To Black

We only said goodbye with words I died a hundred times You go back to her And I go back to black I’m thrilled to have been accepted as an official blogger for the new Addicted to Black Event. This event is very new, this round is only round #2 but already it’s promising to... Continue Reading →


Changes On Thursday our great nation voted to leave the EU, and our Prime Minister announced his resignation. Both monumental events. That was two days ago. And look...we are still here, the world has not fallen apart...YET!! Whatever your opinion, in or out, it really matters not. Once the press have stopped blowing things out... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Moons – Really?

Happy Monday! Hope your Monday went well and has not been too Mondayish! Apparently it's the Summer Solstice today. the longest day. The nice lady on the tellybox said we are going to have up to 17 hours of daylight today here in rainy England! I really don't see how as it has been dull... Continue Reading →

The Pinkster

Its Friday! And a 'Pink' day! Of course if I had my way everyday would be a pink day! I hope you all are feeling 'In The Pink' today! Heres what I have to show you.... The Catalina Dress by Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaws, is cute and summery and comes in a variety of colours,... Continue Reading →

Killer Queen

She keeps Moët et Chandon In her pretty cabinet 'Let them eat cake,' she says Just like Marie Antoinette A built-in remedy For Kruschev and Kennedy At anytime an invitation You can't decline Outfit - MilkTea: Isis - Black Plum Exclusive for Rock Attitude Fair till June 18th Comes in 5 colours plus this 'Black... Continue Reading →

Times Like These

it's times like these we can't replace It's times like these we must embrace And even though it's bittersweet and brings us to our knees It makes us who we are in times like these I don't understand. I don't understand a lot of things. But increasingly, in these times we live in, I find... Continue Reading →

I’m Going to Barbados!

I'm going to Barbados Back to the palm trees I'm going to see my boyfriend In the sunny Caribbean sea...... I'm not really going to Barbados! but this seemed an appropriate lyric for this photo! And yes I'm old enough to remember this hit! Having turned another year older this weekend, I'm officially old! Although... Continue Reading →

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