Bloggers Block

Diagnosis – Bloggers Block!  I’ve been a bit off kilter this last week. I’ve hit a ‘block’ as they say! I struggle as it is to make good pictures to show you the great stuff from my awesome sponsors and events. But recently I’ve found it very difficult to take a great shot. It’s got... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Paradise

Hello to you all in bloggy land. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that your Monday wasn't too bad! Here in England we are having a heatwave! The weather is absolutely beautiful and it is HOT HOT HOT! Unfortunately, I cant have any doors or windows open because, as some of you... Continue Reading →

Step On It, Ezra!

Come On Ezra, we got 80 days to get round the grid and grab all these hunt better step on it man! Around The Grid in 80 Days by I & R Fun with Hunts, (click links for hints and hunt info),  is a grid wide hunt starting on 13th July and running till... Continue Reading →

All The Pretty Things

We are, we are, we're caught in the in between Of who we already are and who we are yet to be And we're looking for love but finding we're still in need It's only what we have lost will we be allowed to keep Look at all the pretty things That steal my heart... Continue Reading →

A Dog is For Life….

........Not just for christmas The Rally to Rescue is an event that raises funds for abused animals in rl. If you click on the link below it takes you to the marketplace page where you can purchase a shopping HUD. The HUD will allow you to tp to each of the stores that have created... Continue Reading →


You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies Lit up the world as I fell asleep 'Cause they'd fill the open air And leave tear drops everywhere You'd think me rude But I would just stand and stare I have this beautiful gown to show you today from the wonderful Anouk Haiku of... Continue Reading →

The Debut of Ezra

My second post today..... I am pleased to introduce to you Ezra. Ezra will be helping me out on my blog now and then, say If I have man stuff to blog, or couples stuff and the like. Yes he is my alt. Yes he needs work, but looking good so far! And do I... Continue Reading →

Yay!! It Works!

Blogging works! I have first hand proof of this.  I made a post on Monday, and within minutes of me posting it to all my sl groups, one of my sponsors im’d me to say she liked the post.  I smiled to myself, because, as always as bloggers, we like to know that our sponsors... Continue Reading →

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