Snowpaws Lullaby

It was a dense forest. All trees were straight and tall.

Their trunks were broad and shapely. But, there was one tree which was having a crooked and shapeless trunk.

The crooked trunk tree was sad. He thought “How ugly I am! All others are straight and shapely. I alone have crooked trunk.”

One day a wood-cutter came there. He looked around and said “I will cut all trees here, except that crooked tree. That is of no use to me”.

He cut away all other trees.

Now, the crooked tree was happy for its crookedness.

Here endeth the lesson for today, now for the good stuff….

Outfit – Snowpaws – Lullaby Outfit (hat & dress) for Enchantment

Necklace – Snowpaws – If I only had a heart – Mixed Metal Necklace for Enchantment  (HERE for closer look)

Pose – :LW: Poses – Playful fairy – single pose

My body and bits….
My Body & Bits…
Maitreya Lara V3.5 ( with feet high)
Laq Mesh Head Trinity V1.0
Slink Hands Casual V2.3
Shape – ReadMeri Shape#1 Apples (slightly modified)

Pictures taken at my private home