Marvelous Events opens its doors today for another fabulous round. There are some truly awesome items from brilliant designers waiting just for you.

It would be very easy for me to pick a very pretty dress to blog for my first post of the month for this event. But, I’ve decided to step outside my comfort zone a little and blog a   ‘man’ outfit.  You see, this month  Marvelous Events are holding a charity day, to raise funds for the people in Italy who were recently devastated by an earthquake. You can read more about this and the event in my post from earlier this week, HERE. But the point is, Apollo, who is the boss man of Marvelous Events, and also store manager for Posh Pixels, has agreed to wear a dress for the day.  Now, me being me, and having a tad of an evil streak, offered out a challenge to Apollo, and I said that if he not only wore the dress for the day, but properly blogged it, with a proper post, full review and photos ALL over flickr, Facebook  and anywhere else he can think of, I would personally donate 2500LS to the cause.

He accepted my challenge and I’m sure we all look forward to seeing his fabulous blog post. Don’t we girls?


So this got me to thinking, if a man can wear a lady outfit, then a lady can wear a man outfit. So, not to be outdone, alpha’d my body to death, and donned the man stuff! Now, this is no way as funny as Apollo will look in a frock, I’m sure, but gender is way overrated, especially in SL. And, to be fair, I did say to Apollo that to make the challenge fair I would blog a man outfit, so he wouldn’t feel left out. I do think that somehow I get the better half of the deal though…..

This outfit from Pam Nightshadow at Posh Pixels is part of her male range. Available at Marvelous Events new round which opens today. It consists of the skinny jeans, the Jacket, shirt and tie, which are all in one piece, and the awesome hat. It also comes with some very cool dude sunglasses but I decided not to show them in the post. The jeans come in 5 standard sizes and there is a hud to change colour. The jacket, shirt and tie piece also comes in the 5 standard sizes. I can’t tell you how they fit a male avi, but they fit my Maitreya Lara with a LOT of alpha’ing. Especially in the chest region..lol! The hat comes with a resizer and is easily fitted over hair. Overall a great look for a dude wannabe!


I couldn’t find any manish shoes I really liked, so to add a splash of colour I teamed the outfit with these gorgeous studded sandals from Elle Polygon of Slipper Originals. These are an Exclusive for Revamped. They come in fits for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP and there is a HUD to change the colour of every aspect of the sandal, making them very versatile. They really do go with any outfit! (HERE to see them closer)

My nails from Vixn Dagger at Vengeful Threads are the second of three designs for this round of Revamped. I showed you the first set in my post yesterday. These are called Skullz Galore, they come in appliers for both Slink and Omega with 10 colour options. (HERE for a closer look)


Again, at Revamped my eyeshadow from Kodaijin Starfall of Kodaijin Makeup. The Kagayaku Ni set. The set has 8 different colours each with a vivid, semi vivid and muted option so you can go dramatic or subtle as the mood takes you. Comes with tattoo layers for classic avi’s and appliers for Visage, Omega and Lelutka. I am wearing the semi-vivid brown option omega applier on Catwa Helena head.(HERE for a closeup without the hat!)

My eyes are a recent release from Jadis Ashland of Mesange. The Mineko eyes were at the Sev7n event, which has just closed, but I’m reliably informed they will be available at the mainstore soon. As with all her eyes these are beautiful. Come in 15 colours, both in system and mesh. I’m wearing no 13 here.(HERE for the closer look)

Well, that’s it for today, below the details on where to grab everything, happy shopping…..

Outfit – {POSH PIXELS} 80’s Cruiser Outfit for Marvelous Monthly

Shoes – Slipper Originals – Studded Sandals for Revamped

Nails – Vengeful Threads – Skullz Galore Nails for Revamped

Eye Makeup – Kodaijin Makeup – Kagayaku Ni for Revamped

Ring – !IT! – Keep Calm & Triangles Ring for Addicted to Black round 4

Eyes – MESANGE – Mineko Eyes 13 Previously at Sev7n Event. will be instore soon

Poses – BehaviorBody Hat Prop Pose Gift (comes with a hat but I didnt show this as my outfit had a hat!)

My body and bits….
Head – CATWA Helena V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5
Hands – Slink Casual V2.3
Feet – Slink Flat V2.1

Pictures taken at my private home