The Moolto Madness Hunt starts in just a few hours. Are you ready? I’m ready…

15th October – 15th November

I got my outfit and glasses HERE

I joined the inworld group

I have the tag activated

I am wearing the moolto special glasses


I have the page for the hunt locations ready HERE  (Join the group on moolto too!)

Wear the tag throughout all the hunt to receive your gifts.

The tag will allow you to wear your magic glasses

Have fun and enjoy the hunt.!


There are some AWESOME prizes for this hunt and it’s a 0L hunt you are gonna get some great bargains. Including this fantastic Photo Globe from Pam Nightshadow at Posh Pixels. It has 10 beautiful poses (located in the bunny) Im just showing you a couple of them here.


Prop/pose – Posh Pixels Wicked Wonderland Photo Globe Moolto Madness Hunt Prize

Outfit – Moolto  Hunt Outfit Female (Includes top, jeans, running shoes and the special glasses)