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November 2016

Christmas Is Coming….


Christmas is coming,

The goose is getting fat

Please put a penny in the old man’s hat

If you haven’t got a penny,

a ha’penny will do

If you haven’t got a ha’penny, 

God Bless You!

Christmas is coming, and with it a whole load of new festive events for the season. The SL Chrsitmas Expo for Relay For Life raising money for the American Cancer Society, starts on 1st December and runs to 12th. Kraftwork have released the Kozy Fireplace Set for the event. The set includes the fireplace and all the decor you see here in the picture. The complete set is only 20LI. Kraftwork will donate 100% of the proceeds from this item to RFL.

Also starting on December 1st and running until the end of the month is the Peace On Earth Hunt 9. This very popular hunt is now i it’s 9th year. Flippant have released these lovely snuggly warm boots for their prize in the hunt. The Flippant LM is below in the credits, but here is the starting LM for the Hunt.

My lovely dress today is the Mrs Claus Short dress from Facepalm and you can get this at the Vogue Fair. It has appliers and tattoo layers for both classic and mesh bodies and the skirt piece comes in the usual 5 standard sizes.

My hair is Carmen from Head Desk and is available at The Alchemy Event. This lovely style has lots and lots of colour options available and a normal and busty version. I’m wearing from the dark dippity do dah hud but there are 8 different colour HUD’s to choose from each with 12 options.

My pose is from the Nicole set by Black Click Poses. This is no 6 and there are 6 different poses on the pack, each one is really lovely and smooth. Black Click is a new pose store, and I have to say I like what I’m seeing from them thus far. If you use a lot of poses in sl you should definitely visit their store I’m sure you will find something you can use.

So…thats my first Chrsitmas post done! below are the links you need t grab the goodies!

Decor – Kraftwork – Kozy Fireplace Set for SL Chrsitmas Expo

Dress – Facepalm – Mrs Claus Short for The Vogue Fair

Hair – Head Desk – Carmen for Alchemy

Boots – Flippant – POE Boots for Peace On Earth Hunt 9

Pose – Black Click Poses – Nicole #6

Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)
Eyes – CATWA Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken at my private home

Empty Rooms

vt-glint-snatch_011You tell yourself that you’ll be strong.
But your heart tells you
This time you’re wrong.

You hope that he will change his mind
But the days drift on and on.
You’ll never know the reason why he’s gone.

Empty rooms
Where we learn to live without love.

An empty room, but certainly not an empty closet! I’ve got some gorgeous new stuff to show you today.

First up I’m sporting this sassy new hairstyle from Snatch. This is the Braided Hawk and its a take on the mohawk. Loads of colours available and also the shaved hairbase comes in both appliers and tattoo lays so both classic and mesh heads can wear it!

Also from Snatch I’m wearing this lovely outfit. This is the Yeri outfit and it includes the top and bra, shorts and tights. Warm and sexy, it’s perfect for the winter season. The top comes in both tattoo layers and Omega appliers, as do the tights, and the shorts are in std sizing so this outfit is perfect for both classic and mesh bodies. I like when designers make things available for everyone! There are a massive 12 colours available for the top too!

The Slouchy boots from Snowpaws for lost and found I blogged the black ones yesterday, today I’m wearing the red suede option, cos I can, and i just love them!


My eyes are from WoW skins. These are the Mediterraneo Catwa eyes for round 143 of Designer Circle, which ends on 3rd December so still a few days to get them! They are truly beautiful, I’m wearing no 6 from the Catwa HUD and there are 6 colours to choose from.

My Lashes are the Autumn Dryad Lashes for Catwa from Vengeful Threads and you can get them at this round of Suicide Dolls. There are four colours available.

My piercings are from Glint. These are the Unisex Lip rings, spikes and studs. Very sassy and because they can be worn by both boys and girls this makes them ultra versatile!

Theres a brand new pose store in town! Black Click Poses! My pose today is no 5 from the Nicole single pose pack. There ae 6 poses in total in the pack and they ae all awesome! Black Click make all sorts of poses, couples, single male and female. Really worth a visit to their store especially if you are a blogger or photographer!

Well that’s it from me for a while. hope you enjoy whats left of the weekend, below all the links and things…

Hair – Sn@tch – Braided Hawk

Outfit – Sn@tch – Yeri Outfit ( Shorts, Tights, Sweater/bra)

Boots – Snowpaws – Slouchy Boots – Red Suede for Lost & Found

Eyes – .::WoW Skins::. – Mediterraneo Mesh Eyes  Catwa Eyes Applier for Designer Circle Round 143

Lashes – Vengeful Threads – Catwa – Autumn Dryad Lashes for Suicide Dollz

Piercings – .:Glint:. – Unisex Lip rings, spikes and studs

Pose – Black Click Poses – Nicole # 5

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)
Eyes – CATWA Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken at my private home

Is That Rain, Dear?


Yep, its a double doozer today! I had some time on my hands so I’ve done a second post today. I found a quiet spot with some rather well behaved reindeer..or is that rain, dear?

Ok enough with the bad jokes…..

This cute outfit is called Catherin from Dafnis. It includes the Mini Skirt, Brandi Jacket and Valerie Cami. All the usual sizes to fit mesh and classic bodies. There are three HUD’s for colour change. The cami top is either black or white but there are a few different designs you can choose from.

My boots are from Snowpaws. The Slouchy boots come in black patent, or brown, grey and red suede. They come in classic fit, but i just alpah’d my feet and lower legs on my Lara HUD and they fit fine, so I’m sure you can fit them to your mesh body if you have one. The slouchy boots are available at the Lost and Found event.

My cute necklace is the Apple Tree Necklace, and is from GDit Jewelry and Outfits. It is the prize in the High Life Hunt which is run by Gardenia Events and is on until the 15th December.


My eyes are the Listener Eyes from Mesange and are on offer at round 143 of Designer Circle. This is a mini pack with 5 colours, but there are more colours available at the Mesange Mainstore. I’m wearing no 1 from the Omega HUD.

Also from Designer Circle is my skin from Awear. This is the Eva skin. There lots of options for skin tone, eyebrows and hairbases, both system and appliers too! I’m wearing the dark eyebrows Catwa applier and the Omega body applier. There is also an option for no eyebrows which is always useful!

My pose today is called Quiet The Mind from LW Poses. LW Poses have lots of lovely poses and props. Couples, male and female and some with very cute props too. Excellent for bloggers and photographers, why not pop along and see?

Thats it for now, below the links and things…

Outfit – *dafnis – CATHERIN (jacket, top & Skirt)

MINA – Jade – Black Hairology Gift

Tights – Avicandy – Knit Tights – Naturals

Boots – Snowpaws – Slouchy Boots – Black for Lost & Found

Necklace – GDit – Apple Tree Necklace for The High Life Hunt

Eyes – MESANGE – The Listener Eyes # 1 for Designer Circle Round 143

Skin – Awear –  Eva Skin Omega Body Applier Plus Catwa Head Applier for Designer Circle Round 143

Pose – LW Poses – Quiet The Mind

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)
Eyes – CATWA Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken on location at Luanes Magical World

Kraftwork at Lost & Found

snapshot_004I hope your weekend is going well. I have been really busy this week so it’s nice to have some ‘chill out’ time. I couldn’t think of a better way to relax a bit than coming here and taking a few pictures to show all you lovely people what great items there is out there right now, Let’s get to the good stuff!….

If you are looking or something a bit different for your home, you can’t go wrong with Kraftwork. Specialising in unique, original designs in furniture and home decor, they offer items that you just can’t find anywhere else. A visit to their store is really an experience you won’t forget. Today I want to show you you the Marfa collection, the Kraftwork latest release.

The Marfa collection from Kraftwork is available now at Lost & Found. It includes everything you see here in the picture –

Marfa Baijo Skull
Marfa Love you Prints
Marfa Rug
Marfa Diary Table
Marfa Cocoon Sofa – includes male, female and couples poses.

Mr Chippy


There I was, minding my own business, walking through the woods, trying to gain inspiration for a blog. This very cute, furry friendly little chipmunk was collecting nuts and berries to store for winter, he hopped right in front of me, I nearly stood on him! So I bent down to say hello and he hopped right onto my hand. Now he follows me everywhere and I can’t get rid of him! Typical! I’ve named him Mr Chippy, I know its not very original, I’m not even sure if he’s a he or! But Mr Chippy it is! And he’s my new best friend. He doesn’t answer me back, he doesn’t argue, he just listens. Perfect!

My gorgeous golden outfit is the Jie Golden outyfit from Emerald Couture, available until 30th November at the November round of SWANK. The jeans and high boots look stunning with the matching shirt. Such rich vivid colours. There is also a matching male version of this outfit, called Jay Golden also at SWANK.


I’ve picked out these lovely Simple Fall Earrings, which are the November group gift at Glint, to match this outfit. Very pretty leafy earrings and , of course free as a group gift, never better! Get along to Glint and grab these before the month is out!

My eyes, which I have blogged before, are the Mineko Eyes no 4. All Mesange eyes come with both mesh and classic versions and there is an alpha in the pack if you need. There is also an Omega and Genesis HUD for compatible eyes. Mesange are bringing out the most lovely eyes all the time, lots of nice releases, why not pop along to the mainstore and see what they have, I guarantee you will find a set you will love!

My pose today is from Joplino, the Chipmunk set.  There are several poses in the pack and a cute little chipmunk to add to each of them. Some of the poses have more than one Chipmunk with them. Very cute!

Well that’s about it from me today, below the details on where to grab it all…..

Outfit – Emerald Couture – Jie Golden (jeans boots and skirt) for SWANK

Hair – enVOGUE – HAIR Mindy Black

Earrings – .:Glint:. – Simple fall leaves earrings Group Gift November

Eyes – MESANGE – Mineko Eyes 4

Pose – .:Joplino:. Pose Set Chipmunk

Skin / Head Appliers –
Head Applier – Wow Skins Scarlett Tan Omega Applier
Body Applier – Wow Skins Tan Maitreya Body Applier
(previous designer circle items)

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)

Photos taken on location at It All Starts With A Smile



Memory, turn your face to the moonlight
Let your memory lead you
Open up, enter in
If you find there the meaning of what happiness is
Then a new life will begin

Memory, all alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again


Grizabella – ‘The Glamour Cat’ reliving her memories of how life used to be, and waiting for her kitty friends to accept her back into their little kitty gang! The song Memory is one of my all time favorites, and the Musical Cats is also a favorite. My love of cats and of the theater come together in this post!

First off we have this beautiful feline face tattoo, and the feline eyes from CNZ for Be Beauty. The tattoo is an applier for Catwa. The eyes come with an Omega/Catwa applier and there are several colours to choose from. Together they look Kittylicious!

My lovely lingerie is the Francis Lingerie from Moncler. It’s an Omega applier and there are 4 colours to choose from. Available now at the Moncler main store.

My hair is a free gift from Runaway at this round of Hairology which runs until then end of the month. It’s their anniversary and lots of designers have free gifts out in honour of this. This cute style is called Jade and it comes with the Essentials pack HUD which includes 6 different colours.

My Poses of from the Kitty Pose Pack by Little Pose Witch.
6 lovely kitty poses included.

That’s all from Grizabella…below the links and things…

Make-up – CNZ –  Feline Tattoo Catwa for Be Beauty

Eyes – CNZ –  Feline Eyes Catwa/Omega for Be Beauty

Lingerie – Moncler –  Francis Lingerie

Hair – Runaway – Jade Hair for Hairology (anniversary round gift)

Poses – Little Pose Witch – Kitty Pose Set

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)
Eyes – CATWA Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken at my private home

People, Play Nice!


“I hear yelling on the left, screaming on the right, while I’m sittin in the middle tryin to live my life”

I just wish everyone would stop fighting and play nice! Guess I’m a bit naive, but in this online age we live in, it seems to me everyone wants to call someone out in public for something. Whatever happened to having a little dignity and not airing dirty laundry in public? anyway enough of me moaning….

Lots to show you today….

My outfit is the Addy outfit from Posh Pixels and is their offering for the current round of Marvelous Monthly which runs until 25th November. It’s a one piece combining the top and skirt. As you can see I am wearing ornage but there are three other colours to choose, grey, tan and green. Fits for Bellezan, Slink and Maitreya and of course all the usual standard sizes too.


Also from Posh Pixels at Marvelous are the Easy Rider boots. I’m wearing the Ochre, but there are lots of colours to choose from and they come in both tall and short versions, I’m wearing the tall ones. They are standard fits only but include an alpha if you need it. I just alpha’d my feet via the Maitreya Lara HUD.

Again at Marvelous I have this cute leather bracelet. This is the Ram Bracelet from Petit Chat. There are four sets, leather, glitter, pastel and rubber and each set has three different colours. So, whatever you are wearing one of these will fit just right with it.


My hair is the Gypsy hair from EliMent and is the offering from them at this round of Hairology. I’ve forgone my usual black to show you just how diverse EliMents colours are. They really do offer a whole load of colours both solids and mixed like this cute brown and blonde mix I’m wearing. This cute braided style also has little metal cuffs adorning it and there is a HUD to change the colour of the metals.


My eyes are The Bright Crown Eyes from Mesnage available at Applique. I have recently changed my eyes to the Catwa mesh eyes and I’m so glad I did, I can now change my eyes via the Mesange Omega HUD which is great, The Beauty Pack has 15 different colours and being able to change via the HUD makes it so easy. I was worried they wouldn’t look as good as changing the whole eye, which is why I have resisted getting them until recently, but I was wrong, Mesange eyes look just as good!

My pose today is from Little Pose Witch and is no 4 in the Sweetie Pose set. There ar six poses in the set and each one is just as sweet as the next!

Ok folks that’s your lot for today, below the links and things…..

Outfit – {POSH PIXELS} –  Addy – Orange (top and skirt) for Marvelous Monthly

Boots – {POSH PIXELS} –  Easy Rider Boots – Ochre Tall – Gacha for Marvelous Monthly

Tights – Avicandy – Knit Tights Neutral Collection Maitreya Applier

Bracelet – *PC* Petit Chat – RAM bracelets-Leather Brown for Marvelous Monthly

Hair – [EM] EliMent – Gypsy for Hairology

Eyes – Mesange – The Bright Crown Eyes #2 (from the Omega HUD) for Applique

Pose – Little Pose Witch – Sweetie Pose #4

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)
Eyes – CATWA Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken on location at The Fall Trace

Autumn Memories


The pretty colours of Autumn are fading away, all we have left are memories as the trees shed their golden leaves and begin to appear bare and empty as the winter approaches.

This beautiful face adornment from Vengeful Threads is a reminder of those warm golden hues that are gone for another year. The fire eyes carry the same golden glow, together they combine to make the Memories of Autumn collection available now at Twe12ve. I have to be honest here and tell you there is also a facepaint that goes with the collection, but the leaves were so pretty I did not want to detract from them. I have included the Vengeful Threads vendor picture below so you can see it.


Hairology is open and its their anniversary round. There are some pretty neat gifts as well as all the normal excellent hairstyles. My hair in this post is the gift from Vanity Hair. It s modifiable and has a HUD to change size and colour, there are four colours in the HUD.

Below the links and things…..

Eyes – Vengeful Threads – Mesh Possession Eyes – Fire
Adornments – Vengeful Threads – Memories of Autumn Leaf Face Adornment
Both for Twe12ve

Hair – Vanity Hair –  Hairology Anniversary Dollarbuy for Hairology

Pose – [KoKoLoReS] Portrait me #4 (older poses, I’ve had these well over a year)

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)

Pictures taken on location at TaKe Heart

This Little Light….


This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…..

Gonna let my little light shine.
Light that shines is the light of love,
Hides the darkness from above,
Shines on me and it shines on you,
Shows you what the power of love can do.
Shine my light both bright and clear,
Shine my light both far and near,
In every dark corner that I find,
Let my little light shine.

Monday gave me the gift of love,
Tuesday peace came from above,
Wednesday told me to have more faith,
Thursday gave me a little more grace,
Friday told me to watch and pray,
Saturday told me just what to say,
Sunday gave me the power divine
To let my little light shine.

My outfit today is the Alexa outfit from Byrne Boutique and is available now at Marvelous Monthly. The outfit includes skirt, top and hood. As always from Byrne it’s unique and unusual. The outfit comes in 3 colours, Magenta (worn), Original and Teal. It has fits for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza plus all the usual fitmesh standard sizes.

My pose is part of the animated globe set 2 from Little Pose Witch and you can get it at Expose. There is a standard globe pack also. All globes in the animated pose packs are “animated”. Also each normal pose pack includes a basic glowing globe. The globe in my had is Bewitched from the animated pack 2. There are six poses to choose from.

That’s all today, below the links and stuff….

outfit – (BYRNE)  – Alexa Outfit- Magenta for Marvelous Monthly

Pose – Little Pose Witch – Animated Globe Set Bewitched for Expose Event

Hair – no.match – NO_CASE – Black

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands & feet)
Shape – readmeri Apples (slightly modified)
Eyes – CATWA Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken at my private home

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