I’m in a box. This made me recall something someone once said to me…..

Some years ago, I met a friend, he introduced himself to me, and for purposes of this blog and to protect the guilty we’ll call him Dave. Dave was (and still is) a nice guy, if not a little odd. When i asked him what he did, he said ‘Me? I put people in boxes’

I wondered briefly if this was a witty way of telling me he was an undertaker, but know, he could see my mind working and proceeded to explain.

‘Phen’ he said, ‘When you meet someone for the first time, put them in a box marked Jerk’ (he used another word far too rude to use here!) ‘Then, as you get to know them and they prove they are not, you can take them out of the box, but if they prove to be exactly that you can keep them in’

Well, I thought about this and I did think it was a little harsh. He did explain to me that if they do prove to be total jerks and you have them in that box, you are not disappointed, but if they prove to not be then it’s always a pleasant surprise.

I sort of understood what he was saying. However, I myself do not put people in ‘boxes’ because I think it is wrong to judge on first impressions. However, I do get the bit about feeling disappointed when someone you think you know turns out to be a jerk. And that does hurt!

Lets talk about the good stuff…


Oh my! Look at me getting all brave! I had no choice, I just love this pose from Something Erotic. This is a new release for January and for a limited time there is 50% off. It’s called Boxing Ally, I’m guessing because someone wanted to put Allyson Dwyer-Applewhite (owner at Something New & Something Erotic) in a box! Anyways, its a gifty box with lid and parasol included and such a lovely pose i couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with it!

My lovely sandals are the Eliza Sandals from Slipper Originals and you can find them in the under 100LS room at this round of The Chapter Four. They come in fits for all the usual mesh bodies. I’m wearing brown, but they come in several colours and there is a HUD to change the sole and metal colours.


Also at The Chapter Four are the Morrigan Eye Lashes from Vengeful Threads. This is a HUD for CATWA heads. There are six bold colours to choose from. Staying with Vengeful Threads at The Chapter Four, I am also wearing the Fantasia eyeshadow. This striking shadow comes in appliers for CATWA and Omega and also tattoo layers for classic heads. There are 6 vivid colours to choose from.

Still with Vengeful Threads but now at Totally Top Shelf, we have the Nocturnal Catwa Eyes. This is a HUD for the CATWA eyes only (there is a link to CATWA in my body & bits credits below where you can get the eyes). There are 10 colours to choose from.

Below is the when and where for all of it…..

Shoes – Slipper Originals – Eliza Sandals Brown for The Chapter Four 4th – 18th January

Eye Lashes – Vengeful Threads – Morrigan Lashes for The Chapter Four 4th – 18th January

Eye Shadow – Vengeful Threads – Fantasia Eyeshadow for The Chapter Four 4th – 18th January

Eyes – Vengeful Threads – Catwa Eyes – Nocturnal for Totally Top Shelf 6th – 27th January

Pose – Something Erotic – Boxing Ally

Hair – Rezology – Pixie Undercut

Hair Base – Rachel Swallows Creations – Indi Hairbase Applier

My Body & Bits….
Head – CATWA Catya Bento V1.05
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with feet)
Hands – Vista Bento Prohands V.2beta
Shape – My own – not for sale
Eyes – CATWA Mesh Eyes V1.0
Skin – 7Deadly S[K]ins Iclyn Marshmellow Tone (Omega appliers)
Makeup from the Catwa Catya HUD

Photos taken at my private home

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