Death By Soap

‘Go buy some soap, you need a wash cos you stink!’ she said.

Like a teenager in a hissy fit I stamped my feet and pouted. No way I needed a wash, I had one last Sunday. I know because I have one every Sunday whether I need one or not!  But, she kept on and on….

I so remember her last words as I stomped off and took my attitude with me heading towards the soap store. I could hear her shouting…’A bit of soap and water won’t kill you!’

Well, mother dear, damn near did!


Fun post today for the awesome Soap Collection by Kraftwork. This Gacha set will be available at the next round of Cosmopolitan which starts on 13th March and runs for 2 weeks.

What you see in the picture….

Display v2 8LI (unlinkable)
Wooden Table 2LI
Shop Scale RARE v2 1LI
Sea Salt Bottles 3LI
Soap Stand 2LI
Rosemary Soap v2 2LI
Fruit Tablet Soaps 1LI
Bag of Soaps 2LI
Slippery Soap 2LI (with animations)
Chalk Board 2LI

A few things about the items….

The rare comes in two versions one with soaps and one without.

The Stand comes in two versions, the one with higher LI can be unlinked.

The Rosemary soap comes in two versions, a group of soaps and a single soap bar.

The slippery soap must be rezzed on ground and you should sit at it.
There are two animations and the first starts auto without clicking the menu.


A fun little post for Friday! Have a great weekend below are the links you need, but don’t forget, Cosmopolitan does not open till 13th which is Monday!

I’m just off to find the shopkeeper who left that damn soap on floor…….

Kraftwork – The Soap Collection Gacha for Cosmopolitan 13th – 27th March

Photo taken at my private home.