Trick or Treatin’

So I had a couple of kiddies call, early Trick or Treaters! Cheeky little buggers! As it was so early I wasn’t prepared and had no sweeties for them. Although somehow I don’t think it was sweets they were looking for….


Trick Or Treatin Edit 2

So, I invited them in for a cup of tea and a chat….


The furniture in the picture today comes from Also Know As. It’s the Oppidan furniture collection. It includes the dining table, the chairs, the lamp and the plant. The chairs come in four different colours and have both masculine and feminine poses in them. The lamp comes in three colours, and the banana tree plant and the table speak for themselves! The Oppidan furniture is a new release at the Also Known As main store, but is also on sale at The Underdog Event until 4th November. The tray of pumpkins on the table is an exclusive item for The Underdog Event. It’s copy and mod so you can use as many as you want and resize them as needed.

Also at The Underdog Event are my little friends, the Trick or Treat Kids from Fallen Arms Rough. These cute if not a little creepy guys are fun! And the kept me company for hours. The kids are rezzable but there is also a little doll version which you can add as an attachment and hold, I haven’t shown that here but watch this space because I’m sure the little fella will turn up in another post sometime soon!

The building is the Attic Sky Box from Serenity Style, this is from the Attic Gacha collection in the current round of PocketGacha. There are some items of furniture plus the skybox to collect.


Tray of Pumpkins – Also Known As ~aKa~ –  Underdog Event Exclusive 3LI
Table – Also Known As ~aKa~ – Oppidan Dining Table 4LI
Chairs – Also Known As ~aKa~ – Oppidan Chair 3LI each
Lamp – Also Known As ~aKa~ – Oppidan Lamp 2LI
Plant – Also Known As ~aKa~ – Banana Tree in Cremaic Planter 2LI

Trick or Treat Kids – [FA] Rough – Trick or Treat Kid 9 LI

All for The Underdog Event 14th October – 4th November

Attic – Serenity Style– My Attic Skybox- RARE 24 LI for Pocket Gacha October

Photo taken at my private home

The Underdog Event - Oct 14- Nov 4th

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