shabby chic

MOoH! have released the very cute Spring Boho Gacha set for the current round of Illuminate. There are several items to collect, including the rare standing lamp, and the rare Victrola, plus the buckled sofa and chair, ottoman and tasseled pouf. The coffee table adds a nice touch especially with the braided doily on top! The doilies come in either pink or blue. I have listed all the items I have used from the set in the credits below. Illuminate runs until 13th May.

shabby chic

Clutter makes a scene, and I have been attempting to use more ‘clutter’ items to fill my scenes with, something I learned recently at one of the many talks on home & garden blogging I’ve listened to. The lovely wall art pictures are the Leaping Heart Framed Art from Salacity and the very cute little keepsake boxes are also from Salacity and they come in a range of colours. You can get the wall art and the boxes from the Salacity main store. The pretty little Gerbera vase on the table was something I found in the bowels of my inventory, and it comes from Artisan Fantasy. I’m not sure if you can still get it, or if it was in a set or not but do try the main store. More clutter I picked up recently while walking around the current round of Bloom, was the Potted Plant II set from Hive, and the Forsythia paper flower hangers from Ariskea. Again, everything I’ve used is listed in credits below. Bloom runs until 30th April.

I’ve put my shabby chic scene together in the Chelsea Rain building/loft from Kraftwork, which is available in the April Deco(c)rate, which is of course, still available at the full price from the Deco(c)rate inworld HQ, the lm is in the credits below.


MOoH! – Spring Boho Gacha for Illuminate until 13th May
Buckled Chair
Buckled Sofa
Buckled Ottoman
Braided Rug
Braided Doily Pink
Coffee Table
Tasseled Pouf
Flower Pillow Pink
Standing Lamp (Rare)
Victrola (Rare)

Hive – Potted Plants II for Bloom until 30th April
Kentia Palm Plant
Bird of Paradise Plant
Pink Caladium Plant

Ariskea – [ Forsythia ] Paper flower Hanger – Greeny for Bloom Until 30th April

Salacity – Framed Art – Leaping Heart

Salacity – Keepsake Boxes
Mint Green
Dusk Blue
Rose Pink

Artisan Fantasy – Gerbera Daisy Vase

Kraftwork – Chelsea Rain Building/Loft for Deco(c)rate April

Picture taken at my private home

MOoH! 1024

Salacity logo Square

KraftWork Main Logo 1024 x 1024

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