café latte

I never really thought about it before now, but sitting here alone, with my coffee, has made me realise how different I am now to how I was this time last year.  I would never have gone into a cafe to have a coffee by myself, I have no idea why really, it’s just something I never felt comfortable doing.  Now, though, I don’t bat an eyelid at the thought.  I love going into one of the local cafes in town, and enjoying a latte all to myself, that’s quality me time that is. What a difference a year makes!

Cafe Latte

Today I am showing off some awesome decor items from the lovely people over at Salacity.  They have released a collection of cafe items for the current round of Illuminate, which runs until 13th July. The collection comprises of the Cafe Table, Cafe Table Umbrella and the Coffee Cup Chair, there is also the Cafe Food Set and the Cafe Sign Set. The table, chair and umbrella all have options to change the colours/textures giving several options to choose from.  The chair has several cute sitting/activities animations, for both him and her, and they also include 100% original mesh props, like the mug I’m holding in the picture.  The Cafe Food Set includes mugs, plates, a tray, cakes, doughnuts and burgers. The sign set includes 2 signs, the coffee specials you see on the wall, and the sandwich board, which does have some fun texture options for each side. Each item is available separately, except the cafe food set, and sign set, which come as sets not single items, and all the items are 100% original mesh.


Table – Salacity – Cafe Table for Illuminate until 13th July
Umbrella – Salacity – Cafe Table Umbrella for Illuminate until 13th July
Chairs – Salacity – Coffee Cup Chair for Illuminate until 13th July
Signs – Salacity – Cafe Sign Set for Illuminate until 13th July
Mug/Doughnuts/Plates – Salacity – Cafe Food Set for Illuminate until 13th July

Picture taken at my private home

Salacity logo Square

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