this little kitty

I used to write. I used to write stuff on my blog, not just a description of the things I was showing, but something about me, about life, about anything really. To most of you it would have been nonsense, and really wouldn’t have meant anything. To me it was a way to express myself, not just through my pictures, but through words as well. I liked writing.

Then about 18 months ago I experienced a heart wrenching and life changing event in my rl. You see, I lost my rl husband. Not lost as in I can’t remember where I put him. Lost as in he died. And that was it. He was here, and then he wasn’t. And nobody gave me an instruction book. Nobody told me how I should do things. Nobody told me how I should live my life without him. I was learning all over again how to live. And the words dried up.

I tried hard to write about things but found it so difficult. I would start to write something, and then I would say to myself…’Don’t be stupid Phen, they don’t want to read about that’ and I would delete it and take the easy option, and write a description of the items in the picture and leave it at that. And apart from the odd song or poem I found that went with the picture, that’s what my blog has become, A picture, and some descriptive text about the things shown in it. I don’t like it.

And, after a conversation early today with a friend, a lady in SL I have a lot of respect for, she was saying how she liked another blogger, where they wrote about stuff and how she admired that. I said….’I used to do that…’ and I went on to explain why I don’t anymore, but I would like to, and she said that she would love to see me do that.

It wasn’t exactly a challenge. But it made me think that I really should. So I have set myself a challenge. To write a little something about something, anything, in every post going forward. Day 1, looking good so far…

this little kitty

It’s the first weekend in August. And that means it’s Syndicate Sunday Weekend! The event runs every first weekend in the month, and starts at Midnight Saturday Night/Sunday Morning and runs until Midnight on Tuesday. You can read more about it and see the participating stores on the Second Life Syndicate website HERE. Each store participating has an item in the event placed out at their stores, priced at just 69LS for the duration of the event.

Today, for Syndicate Sunday, I am showing items from .Arcadia. and :{MV}: My skirt is the Kef Bondsmaid Skirt in colour Noir from .Arcadia. This cute little wrap around skirt comes in fits for eBody, Belleza, Maitreya and Slink Mesh bodies. My top is the Rebel Cincher from :{MV}: This sexy, silky number comes in 15 colours, and fits for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya mesh bodies. Also for Syndicate Sunday is my necklace from Accolade. This is the Oval Gypsy Necklace. It comes with a HUD that offers 10 different colours of jewels. You will find a list of participating stores on the website link I gave you above.

this little kitty closer

My lipstick is from !IT! Indulge Temptation. This is from the Yummy Lipstick range exclusive right now at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair which runs until 21st August. The Lipsticks come in appliers for Catwa Mesh heads only, and there are 12 different colour HUDS , each on has 5 luscious shades. I’m wearing from HUD #10. I am showing another skin tone from the Romina Skin from 7 Deadly Skins. This is the plain face and body applier in tone Taupe. Romina is also exclusive at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair.

My hair is the latest release from [monso] My Hair. This is Miyu and she is exclusive at the current round of FaMESHed which runs until 27th August. Miyu comes in the usual six colour packs, each one has several shades, and also offers options for roots and ombres.

this little kitty tail

Alantori have just moved to a brand new store inworld, and in celebration of that they are offering the Animated Bento Tail as a free opening gift. This gorgeous, soft, fluffy tail comes with a colour changing HUD, offering almost infinite colours, plus a speed and position HUD too. Grab it while its HOT at the all new Alantori main store, and really is FREE!

The Poses I have used are from Image Essentials. This is the Showcase V1 Bento Pose set. There are 5 poses plus mirrors in the pack, which is on offer at the new round of Designer Showcase which opens tomorrow (5th August) and will run until the end of the month.


Skirt – Kef Bondsmaid Skirt Noir by .Arcadia. for Syndicate Sunday
Top – Rebel Cincher by :{MV}: for Syndicate Sunday
Necklace – Oval Gypsy Necklace by Accolade for Syndicate Sunday
Lipstick – Yummy by !IT! Indulge Temptation for Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Skin Face & Body – Romina Omega Applier Taupe by 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Hair – Miyu by [monso] My Hair for FaMESHed
Tail – Animated Bento Tail by Alantori FREE store opening gift
Poses – Showcase V1 by Image Essentials for Designer Showcase (lm to follow)

Body – Maitreya Lara V4.1 (with feet and Bento Hands)
Head – Catwa – Catya V3.0
Eyes – Catwa – Mesh Eyes V1.1


!IT! Logo

MBA FAIR 2018 Logo

IE Logo Black


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  1. I find it really quite hard to write about personal things, so my blog is factual and amusing (I hope). I used to write on FB quite a lot but all the angst that sorta engendered in me for several reasons – it just wasn’t worth it for such a public platform. And that’s my beef. Not that I’m denigrating folks who do but I guess I’ve become something of a hermit virtually. I do know what you’re going through Phen, I lost a partner of some 12 years quite unexpectedly one Christmas. He died peacefully in his armchair. It was all the shite afterwards where I went to pieces – we had a house full of people coming for the celebrations you see. Anyways, you can and do get over anything in this life. For me nowadays, I can recall the good memories and enjoy them. ❤

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  2. Phenellaresident, I really appreciate the blogging you did on my Oval Gypsy Necklace from my store, ACCOLADE! You make the picture of my product look so good and your words from the blog are so kind! My heart goes out to you on having lost your rl husband. I have lost most of the loved ones around me in recent years and I know how difficult losing them can be. My heart goes out to you and I hope you will keep blogging, no matter who or what you blog about. You have a talent for it and I think the world needs to hear from you no matter what you choose to write on as your subject. Writing can be such good therapy too. Please keep it up!

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