the chapel

The churches and chapels we have in England don’t look much like this.  We tend to have big, imposing buildings, with ornate decor usually dark wood or stone, and great big stained glass windows. Now, don’t get me wrong, some of them are beautiful, but they do have a scary feel about them.  I was always scared to go in them when I was a child. Maybe that was intentional, we are after all supposed to be ‘God fearing’.  I never really got that though, Churches and chapels are supposed to be safe, welcoming places. I never really felt that in any that I’ve been inside here.

I much prefer the light, simple but elegant look of the little chapels seen all around the US.  This to me is much more welcoming. This is a charming little place, that I would want to sit and feel at peace.

the chapel

This beautiful building is the Little White Chapel from also Known as. It comes in two sizes and both the exterior and interior are very pretty with lovely textures.  There have been so many gorgeous pictures done of the outside, but I wanted to show you the charm of the inside.  You can get this building right now at The Trunk Show, which runs until 18th September.  Also from also Known as is the Corona Chandelier, which you see hanging from the ceiling, this is available in the main store.

The Celebration Pews are from %Percent Furniture, also exclusive at The Trunk Show. They com in 6 different colours, and you can get 2 or 4 seat versions, and there are 11 themed single animations. Perfect for any chapel or cute garden setting.

Also available at The Trunk Show are the beautiful red roses flower pots from Kaerri and the Jewelled Candlesticks from Pan.

The Trunk Show is run by Pale Girl Productions and it runs until 18th September.


Building – Little White Chapel by also Known as for The Trunk Show
Chandelier – Corona Worn Black Chandelier with bows by also Known as
Pews – Celebration Pews by %Percent Furniture for The Trunk Show
Jewelled Candlesticks – by Pan for The Trunk Show
Roses Flower Pots – by Kaerri for The Trunk Show

The Trunk Show Final



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