where the wind blows

Well, I had this picture taken, edited and ready to write the post very late on Friday night, ready to post early Saturday in time for the Monthly Midnight Madness boards to open. But, when I got up yesterday I had a phone call.  My cat has been missing for a week or so, I just assumed he had gone walkabout as he does sometimes. But this time it had been a little longer that normal, and I was starting to get a little worried, but he is chipped so I called the chip people and reported him missing last Thursday. Yesterday morning they called to say they had found him. He had been run over and killed. They told me he was at the local vets and I could go see him if I wanted to, but as they put it ‘he was quite a mess’. I didn’t want to even hear that yet alone go to see him like that. They proceeded to tell me then, that I should call the vets and pay a fee of 80GBP to have him, again their words ‘disposed of’.  Seriously the person that spoke to me needs to learn compassion.  She had just told me my sole companion and best friend had passed away. Honestly people never fail to amaze me in not so good way lately! So anyway, yesterday was written off for me as you can imagine. So this is why this post is late.



This gorgeous prop/pose is called Her Wind and it comes from the very lovely people over at Something New. It’s perfect for the coming fall season, and at only 90LS on the market place store, a real bargain too!

I’m late, very late, for posting the Midnight Monthly Item from LX Essentials. I had this picture done and dusted by Midnight on Friday, but then I had a rl crisis I had to deal with all day yesterday and did not get to post it on time. Apologies to all of you and to the LX team. However, there IS still time to get it as Last Chance Vendors will be up today until midnight, so you can get the very lovely Jaqueline top, and the associated colour HUDS at a remarkably reduced price. After this weekend this item will no longer be available so hurry! This top is the perfect piece to go with the Bernadette Pants, also from LX Essentials, which you can get now at the Liaison Collaborative until 26th September.

Pose/Prop – Her Wind by Something New (Marketplace)
Top – Jaqueline by LX Essentials for Monthly Midnight Madness
Pants – Bernadette by LX Essentials for The Liaison Collaborative
Hair – Evenfall (gacha) by Tableau Vivant for The Arcade


LX Monochrome Logo Autumn

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  1. Ah dear, what a horrible day you had. And I agree about the chip person, how unfeeling was she. My advice from experience is to keep yourself busy with a new kitten and then you won’t have to dwell on the experience so much and given time, it will heal up. ❤

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