Well it’s halfway to the weekend, only a couple days to go.  I think I must be really getting old, because three and a half days into the working week and I’m already in need of a couple days rest!  Honestly I feel like I could sleep for a week! I need to find some energy from somewhere, anybody got any spare?


The Sonia Jacket is a new release by Darkfire.  It comes in several colours, and fits most major mesh bodies.  There are two versions available, one with beads (pictured) and one with fur. Both are gorgeous. Grab them now at the Darkfire main store.  Just as gorgeous are the Black Supreme Pants from ArisArisB&W.  They fit for most major mesh bodies and have these lace panels.  They come with a HUD which allows you to change the texture of the lace and the colour of the metal parts. Grab them now from the ArisArisB&W market place store, for a limited time at 60% off. Bargainous!


Jacket – Sonia Jacket w/beads by Darkfire
Leggings – Black Supreme Pants by ArisArisB&W
Boots – Becky Studded Boots by Reign
Choker – Virginia Choker by Elle Boutique
Hair – Brina by Wasabi for FaMESHed
Pose/Prop – City Life by FOXCITY for Uber
Backdrop – City Life by FOXCITY for Uber

Elle Boutique Logo

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    1. Ok here’s the thing, vitamin C fizzy drinks I can do (does diet coke have vit c in??)). I don’t like honey, and I drink a fair amoutn of Green Tea anyway. BUT, I will give it a try seeing as you suggested it and I trust you (gawd knows why!). Thanks Moz, if it don’t work you’re in trouble, you know that right? 😉

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      1. Heheh! Green tea works because it contains caffeine, amongst other good stuff. The capsules tend to be more concentrated and that’s why they work better than the green tea itself. It should be taken in moderation, though, because it’s only treating the symptoms and not the basic cause. Vitamin C does give you more energy, protects from colds and if you taken it in a drink then your water intake has increased also. Working on computers and playing on them will alter the ion content of the air, and give off minor amounts of radiation so if you’re on those all day, the bad effects can accumulate and can make us very tired. Fortunately there are houseplants that absorb not only the toxins but also give out oxygen during the day. Spider plants are good, especially if you’ve got pets. The Peace Lily is another great plant – and I keep a huge one of those next to the computer. Here’s a useful article –

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