There’s been a lot of talk on social media this last week, about the big changes coming to Flickr and what they might mean to everyone, it’s almost been like mass hysteria! And,  with a very much increased presence on Instagram, I decided to resurrect my account there and have another go at it.  You see, I had set myself up on Instagram a few months ago, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t realise you could only use it to upload on your phone, and to be honest I found that quite difficult, not being used to using my phone for much more than making and receiving phone calls ( and maybe the odd text message). However, after reading some of the posts about it on FB, it seems there is a way to upload pictures to it from your PC.  Much better. I still have to tweak it, someone said you are supposed to put # before the tags and silly stuff like that, which I don’t know much about, and the pictures have to be more square than I’m used to doing them, so it’s a bit fiddly and to be honest a bit of a PITA, but, I do now have a presence on Instagram

I also have signed up to a new social media platform thingymejig, called  This has been developed by an SL user specifically aimed at Second Life photographers and bloggers.  It’s really easy to use, and looks a lot like Instagram.  Again, it says you are supposed to use hashtag wotsits, (I know I know I’m a social media dinosaur!), and again it looks better if your picture is more square, but it seems all quite straight forward and again, It gives me another presence on another platform.

Despite these two new sites I have joined, I still intend to keep flickr.  I did the deed, and deleted a whole bunch of pictures, which took me a few minutes to go from 1120 pictures to just over 500! That’s a LOT of crap pictures I got on there!  I also took the plunge and paid to go pro for a year. just to see if I see any benefit for the pro service, time will tell. So, going forward, at least for the foreseeable future I’m good with my social media presences, you can find me at the following…

Facebook –

Flickr –

Instagram – –

Look me up and add/follow me if you like and I will do likewise in return 🙂


Nantra have released a really fabulous prop/pose set called Out Of Step for this round of the Liaison Collaborative, which runs until 26th November.  It consists of the stepping stones prop, and includes 6 Bento enabled poses plus mirrors.


Prop/Pose – Out of Step by NANTRA for The Liaison Collaborative
Hair – Tumelo by Sintiklia for FaMESHed
Sweater – Time Winter Sweater by !APHORISM! for FaMESHed
Pants – Kida Buckle Cuff Pants by RIOT for FaMESHed
Boots – Becky Ankle Boots by Pure Poison
Location – Whimberly


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