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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about moving house in rl.  I don’t much like the idea of having to pack everything up though. I’ve got so much rubbish.  The other reason is, well, this house has been my family home for a long time now.  I found some old photographs yesterday of the kids when they were young, playing here with their stepdad.  Polaroid reminders of happier times.

But, now there is just me. and I really don’t like rattling round in this big three bedroom house on my own (it’s not really big, just seems it!). I think a small 1 bedroom flat would do me just right.  Of course, it would have to have big windows, because I like light.  I’d change all my furniture, I’d probably go for the retro look, I bet I could furnish quite cheaply from thrift shops and second hand sales. All I’d need are a few plants, a picture or two and a nice big comfy chair.  Yes, I quite like that idea. It’s just the upheaval though, I’m not sure I’d like that.

I had all these thoughts on my mind when I set up for this picture, a nice cosy space for one…

polaroid picture


Lawrence Corner Chair by Shades Furniture
Thrift Camera Decor by Junk Food for The Hipster Men’s Event (until 16th Feb)
Modern Magazine Table by Eclectic for Boardwalk (until 15th Feb)
Mid Century Modern Pecan Credenza by THEORY for Boardwalk (until 15th Feb)
Mid Century Modern Vase by THEORY for Boardwalk (until 15th Feb)
Mid Century Modern Lamp by THEORY for Boardwalk (until 15th Feb)
Framed Desert Still Life by THEORY for Boardwalk (until 15th Feb)
Muted Persian Rub by THEORY for Boardwalk (until 15th Feb)
Pilea Peperomioides Copper Pot by Mithral
Begonia Maculata Copper Pot by Mithral
Kentia Palm Plant by Hive
Sakura Curtains by ChiMia

Shades New Logo Back & Gold 512

Boardwalk Event Logo


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  1. That’s a beautiful picture, Phen, and it does bring back some memories for me. It’s very stressful moving house, especially downsizing as you have to throw so much of your life away and it does take quite a while to do so… much longer than you think it will. If you decide on a flat, check the noise levels. Even if you’re on the top floor, the noise can be much less despite the inconvenience of stairs – hopefully a lift would be in operation. Noise really does affect the quality of your life… it’s different entirely living in a house. Although you have neighbours opposite sides, it’s not that oppressive as having to cope with noisy people above and below you in a flat. ❤

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