kiss my a**

I actually took this picture on Sunday, but, because I like to work a couple days in advance if I can, I’m posting today.  Now, I’ve noticed the same outfit, in a similar pose already posted on Flickr, and I just want ya’ll to be very clear that I did not copy anyone’s idea.  It’s a shame I have to say that here, but with all the stuff and nonsense that’s goes on in FB land these days, it feels like everyone has to explain themselves.

 I am very quiet regarding social media, I post my blog pictures on there, I share those posts of others which make me go WOW, and other than the odd rare comment, that’s about all I have FB for.  I don’t brag about which designer I just got accepted to blog for (I did this just once, over a year ago and got slated for it),  I don’t bitch about which designer I got rejected by (we all get rejections, deal with it),  I don’t let you all know what I’m having for dinner, and I certainly do not post about my love life (or lack of it!).

No one wants to read that s**t

If you are going to be active on Facebook at least be a little bit humble, have a little dignity and decorum, and please be mindful of who is reading the stuff you post on there, you are being watched and it does matter what people think.

There, I had my say. If you don’t like it you can…

kiss my a....png


Phases Backdrop (RARE) by The Bearded Guy for Dubai (until 10th Feb)
Big Dream Outfit Black by Essence for Original Vogue (until 15th Feb)
Kiss My Ass Pose/Prop by CNZ
Mata Hair by Tukinowaguma for Cosmopolitan (until 9th February)

original vogue logo

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