fairground attraction

When I saw this beautiful carousel from Kraftwork, it reminded me of the times when the travelling fair came to town when I was a kid.  I always suffered from motion sickness so was never very keen on the rides. They always made me feel so sick. The motion sickness was not something I grew out of, and now, even in sl sometimes if my avi sits on something that’s moving, I have to fix my camera on one spot so it stays still otherwise I start to feel dizzy and have to go lay down till it passes.   I always loved the atmosphere at the fairground though, and still do, and of course, I’m always partial to the lovely pink fluffy cotton candy!

fairground attraction


Cheryl Dress by [WellMade] fro Designer Showcase (until 28th April)
Dasha Hair by Besom
Old Brooklyn Carousel by Kraftwork for Uber (until 22nd May)
Wild Grass Pink Flowers by .:Tm:. Creation
Cotton Candy Pose/Prop by {Sugar Heart}

[WellMade] Logo 2018
Designer Showcase

KraftWork Main Logo 1024 x 1024

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