What, no flickr?

Flickr announced  that it would be down today.  It said the down time would be from midnight (for us in the UK at least ) on 22nd May and the estimated down time would be around 12 hours.   It’s now s little after 1pm. so they have gone just over an hour over the planned time so far…

So, when I look at social media today it amuses me so much.  Not only do we have posts from people moaning and groaning about it being down, like they didn’t know this was going to happen!  We have people also complaining that it’s been down too long.  Its so amusing.

Doesn’t anyone read anything anymore?

Come on guys really, obviously the maintenance needs to happen, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. And, I have no doubt it’s going to benefit us, the users, when it’s completed (if this doesn’t happen THEN it will be time to complain).  They gave us plenty of notice, I noticed notifications well over a week ago that this was going to happen.  So it hasn’t been dropped on us unexpectedly.  And lastly, an hour over estimated planned time is nothing much.

So, lets give the Flickr people a break and let them do their thing, cos the sooner that gets done, the sooner we can get back to doing our thing…


Just a couple of days left now until The Pose Fair closes it’s doors until the next time.  But still time enough to grab the very cool Quint Pose set from CuCa Designs.  This set contains several Bento enabled single male poses along with the mobile phone prop.  Also at The Pose Fair, and also very cool, is the East Side Parking Lot Backdrop by Illuzion.  You have until 25th May to visit The Pose Fair.

cm.MESH have released the fabulous Swag Tank for Access Event.  There are 16 colours/textures available, changeable via a HUD, and it comes in fits for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake mesh bodies.


East Side Parking Lot Backdrop by Illuzion for The Pose Fair (until 25th May)
Quint Pose/Prop by [..::CuCa Designs::..] for The Pose Fair (until 25th May)
Noah Hair by Vango
Swag Tank  by .:cm.MESH:. for Access (until 7th June)

Pose Fair Logo - Square - Black

_cm_.MESH - LOGO (please put it on your blog)

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  1. But, but, Phen! Folks simply love to whinge and moan whenever the opportunity presents itself… let them 🙂 And btw, Flickr downtime is now 2 hours more than they said they would be… how very dare they!

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