star of wonder

Let me tell you about my day so far…

It’s 10.30am here on a Saturday morning.  I knew I had a few bits of shopping to do today that meant I needed to go into town, something I try to avoid at any time of year, let alone Christmas.  So I set my alarm early, intending to be up and out before the mad crush of people started.  My day started as planned my alarm woke me nice and early.  I woke with a mild headache, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  I grabbed a quick cup of coffee before heading out to my car.  The weather was quite mild for the time of year, but raining slightly, not too bad.  I got in my car and started her up, as I do every morning I reversed out of my parking spot, then as I was still reversing, all be it very slowly, my heart sank as I heard a nasty crunch sound, I looked in my rear view mirror, and yep, I had only reversed into my neighbours car. Luckily there was no damage to either car as I could see, and it was too early to knock their door and confess, as all their curtains were still pulled and no lights on, so I decided to carry on and tell them when I came back.

As I continued driving down my road, I could see the elderly lady who lives a few doors away from me, walking her dogs, while they were both on a lead, the leads were quite long and the dogs were way in front of her.  As I drew level with her one of her dogs decided to run into the road, right in front of my car, and I had to slam on my brakes hard.  Now, I was already a little rattled at hitting the car earlier, my headache was getting worse, and this had shook me further as I thought I had hit the dog.  As I came to an abrupt stop, my head was now pounding, I felt sick, and all I could hear was the dog walk woman screaming at her dog.  Luckily I had stopped in time and the dog was unhurt, but I was rattled, and I wound down my window and shouted ‘It’s a road love, cars drive up and down here all the time!’  By this time I felt so sick and fed up I turned round and went back home, ordered my shopping online, with a coffee in hand and in comfort and warmth.  I still have to go out at some point, but not today. And I still have to confess to my neighbour about her car, but I’ve had enough stress for one day, and it’s only 10.30am!

star of wonder

The Pose Fair Winter Holiday 2019 is still running at there are still lots of goodies up for grabs, like the Frosted prop/pose set from Lush Poses.  The set includes several single female poses, plus the star prop.  Beautiful and serene.  The Pose Fair Winter Holiday 2019 runs until 28th December. The backdrops I’ve used here is the Light The Way Backdrops from Synnergy, this was released in the mains store a few weeks ago, so I am a bit late showing this but I liked how it fitted with the pose.  Check out the Synnergy store cos they have some beautiful backdrops and poses to make your pictures pop!

ChicModa have released the gorgeous Macie Dress at Belle, which opened yesterday.  Macie comes in fits for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Legacy mesh bodies.  She comes in a selection of lovely colours available as singles, a darks pack, and a lights pack, plus a mega pack which includes everything are also available.  She comes also with optional panties, and the neck piece can be turned on and off also. Belle runs until 16th January.

My beautiful nails come from Beauty Kartel, these are the Valencia Bento Mesh Nails, and they come with a HUD offering lots of beautiful textures.  They come in fits for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.  I have included a close up of these nails below. Check them out now at the Beauty Kartel main store.

Here is a closer look at the Valencia Bento Nails from Beauty Kartel.  Click the pic to see them BIGGER!

star of wonder closeup


Light The Way Backdrop by Synnergy
Frosted Pose/Prop by Lush Poses for The Pose Fair Winter Holiday 2019 until 28th Dec
No Order hair by No Match for Salon 52 until 8th Jan
Macie Dress by ChicModa for Belle until 16th Jan
Valencia Bento Nails by Beauty Kartel

Synnergy LOGO

Pose Fair Logo - Square - Black




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