spring is just around the corner

It’s been a strange old day for me today.  It started out as any normal day, I got up and got ready and drove myself to work.  Once I got to work, as has been our policy now for a couple of weeks, I did the whole washing hands, using the alcohol gel etc. and sat down to start my days work.  I coughed.  Then I coughed again, and again.  I went to get a glass of water because my throat felt dry and scratchy.  I coughed again, and sneezed.  After hearing me cough, and sneeze once, my boss came running into my office, well, I say into, but he actually stood in the doorway, with his hand over his mouth and pointed to the door.  I looked at him. ‘What?’  He looked back at me, removed his hand from his mouth for just long enough to say  ‘Home’.  I rolled my eyes at him, laughing, because I was pretty sure at this point he was joking.  But apparently he was being serious.  So now I’m home from work until I stop coughing, and sneezing.  Evidently it is company policy for anyone showing any signs of being ill in any way to leave the premises.  This, I feel is a little unecessary.

I’m getting a cold, nothing more.  I have not been travelling anywhere recently.  I’ve not knowingly had any contact with anyone who has, in fact, the only person outside of work I have even seen in the last three weeks is my sister, and she hasn’t been travelling either.  Also, at this present moment in time there are NO cases of Coronavirus in the county I live in.

I’m not worried at the moment. I’m certain I do not have Coronavirus. I have a cold, nothing more.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way undermining the seriousness of the worldwide situation at the moment, and I understand the need to be careful, but I do feel like it was not necessary for me to miss a day from work today, and possibly tomorrow too.  There was just no need. It’s a little bit ridiculous.

Keep calm, it’s nearly Springtime 🙂

spring is just around the corner


Love Lives Here Backdrop by LW: Bento Poses
Come Back Home Pose/Prop (includes cat and mug) by LW: Bento Poses
both for The Pose Fair 10th Anniversary Round 7th – 28th March

Spring Daffodils with White Vase by (Luc.) Boutique
Spring Daffodiles with Blue Vase by (Luc.) Boutique
Curious Snail Sculpture by (Luc.) Boutique
Antique Pagoda Candle Holder by (Luc.) Boutique
Buddah Shadowbox by (Luc.) Boutique
All for Flourish Sales Studio until 15th March

Rustic Garland Bottles by Kraftwork

Amber Hair by Besom for N21 until 12th March
Tay Top by ChicModa for FaMESHed until 28th March
Sparkie Skirt by ChicModa for FaMESHed until 28th March
Unbothered Boots by Blueberry
Chile Skin Taupe by 7 Deadly s[K]ins
Chile Shape by 7 Deadly s[K]ins
Baby Face Head by GENUS Project
Lara Body V5.0 by Maitreya

Pose Fair Logo - Square - Black

Flourish Sales Studio Logo


7 Deadly s{K}ins - LOGO newwwww febr 2017 200x200


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