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Prism Designs

Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer_001

Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me
starlight and dewdrops are awaiting thee
Sounds of the rude world heard in the day
Led by the moonlight have all passed away


My outfit today is the Sorrel Summer Skirt Set by Jezzixa Cazalet from Prism Designs. This set includes the top and skirt and both pieces come in 5 std sizes. There is also an alpha layer included if needed. There are four solid colour options for the top, and four lovely floral options for the skirt. You can get this gorgeous outfit now at the Prism mainstore.

The pose I’ve used here is from LW poses, this one is called Beautiful Dreamer. This single female pose comes with a mirror version and both pose ball and playable animation versions. It’s available right now at the LW Poses mainstore.

Below you will find all the links to all the things in the picture, happy shopping!

Outfit – Prism Designs – Sorrel Summer Skirt Set by Jezzixa Cazalet

Pose – LW Poses – Beautiful Dreamer

Hair – DeLa Mesh Hair – Thira – Blondes for Tres Chic 17th June – 5th July

Skin Face – League – Ella Catwa Applier Pale
Skin Body – League – Maitreya Body Applier Pale

My body & bits
Body – Maitreya Lara V4.1 (with feet and Bento Hands)
Head – Catwa – Catya V2.08
Eyes – Catwa – Mesh Eyes V1.0

Picture taken on location at Luanes World

Day Dreaming


Under the tree, in the shade, she sits and daydreams of times gone by. As her eyes close and she drifts off, she’s taken away to her happy place. A place where the people she used to know are still with her, where the sun always shines, and she is always smiling…..

So yes, today I’m daydreaming, we all have that happy place we like to drift off to, don’t we?


My hat today comes from Petit Chat, this is simply The Cherry Hat, you can get this now at The Chapter Four until 30th June. This cute 100% original mesh piece comes with a HUD and includes 8 colour options for the hat and 8 for the band. It is mod so you can move it about on your head and resize it to your liking. Just perfect for snoozing in the sunshine! Also from Petit Chat are my shoes. These are the Troika Plateforms. You can get these until 15th June at the current round of Shiny Shabby. Again these are 100% original mesh.which means you won’t find anything quite like these anywhere else! They come with a HUD for colour changing and there are 3 colour options for the sole, each strap, the back and ankle, and there are 4 colours of metals to choose. They come in fits for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink, there is also an unrigged version that you can modify to fit any other mesh feet. There are 6 colour palettes available and also a fatpack. Perfect with any summer outfit!


My dress from Prism Designs, is the Danae Sundress by Jezzixa Cazalet, and this is available at Designer Circle until 23rd June. I’m wearing the purple/green but there’s a black and white and an orange and yellow version too. It comes in fits for Belleza, Slink, TMP and Maitreya plus 5 standard fitmesh sizes. There is also an alpha layer included so will fit both mesh and classic bodies.

The tattoo I’m sporting comes from Aseriz and this is the Vintage Floral Tattoo available at the upcoming Square 1 Event. It comes in both white and black, and appliers for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and Omega. It also comes in classic tattoo layers for non mesh bodies.

My pose today is a new release from LW Poses. This is a single female pose and it’s called Dream Higher. There is a mirror version, along with both poseballs and playable animations.

That’s all for now, back soon with more, meanwhile see below for all the links to all he things in all the pictures, for your shopping pleasure….

Hat – Petit Chat – The Cherry Hat for The Chapter Four 4th – 30th June

Shoes – Petit Chat – Troika Plateforms for Shiny Shabby 20th May – 15th June

Dress – Prism Designs – Danae Sun Dress by Jezzixa Purple Green for Designer Circle until June 23rd

Tattoo – Aseriz – Vintage Floral – Black for Square 1 Event

Pose – LW Poses – Dream Higher

Skin Face – League – Ella Catwa Applier Pale
Skin Body – League – Maitreya Body Applier Pale

My body & bits
Body – Maitreya Lara V4.1 (with feet and Bento Hands)
Head – Catwa – Catya V2.08
Eyes – Catwa – Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken on location at NorderNey

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Prims Romper and LW Its All Falling Into Place

Wow I can’t believe it’s Sunday already and the weekend is once again nearly over! It doesn’t seem like two minutes since leaving work on Friday and looking forward to two whole days of doing nothing. So, here I am squeezing the last few hours of the weekend on another wonderful beach. I visited the ever so lovely NorderNey for this post. I haven’t done the sim any justice at all with my picture, because its very beautiful here. but I do intend to come back soon and take some more pictures. You have to be in a group to get here, and there is a charge, but it’s so worth it. If you are able, I would definitely urge you to visit if you can, you really won’t be disappointed.

The lovely cool easy fitting Romper is a new release from Prism Designs. This is the Navie Maritime Romper by Journey. This set is called the Piers Version and there are 4 textures / designs to choose. It comes in fits for eBody, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and Tonic, plus 5 fitmesh sizes with an alpha layer included. You can pick this up now at the Prism Designs mainstore.

Chic Princess Coco Shoes

The gorgeous shoes are from Chic Princess, these are the Coco Heels. They come in fits for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and there is a HUD for colour changing both the shoe and strings, 12 options for each. The Shoes are available now at the Chic Princess mainstore.

My Hair is from Charme. This is Maya and is available now at Twe12ve until 31st May. There are 13 colours to choose.

Charme Maya

My pose is from LW Poses and it’s called Falling Into Place. This single female pose is on offer at Tres Chic unitl 5th June. The pose comes with a mirror version and both poseballs and playable animations.

Elise Summer Makeup

The lipstick is from Elise. This is from the Makeup – Soft pack. The lipstick comes in appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, TMP and Omega, plus tattoo layers for non mesh heads. Just right for summer, there are 6 gorgeous soft colours included. You can get these now from the Elise mainstore.

That’s it for now, back soon with more, below the link and things for this post, enjoy what little of your weekend is left…..

Romper – Prism Designs – Navie Maritime Romper by Journey – Piers Edition

Shoes – Chic Princess – Coco Heels

Hair – Charme – Maya for Twe12ve 12th – 31st May

Pose – LW Poses – Falling Into Place for Tres Chic 17th May – 5th June

Lipstick – Elise – Makeup – Soft

Eyes / Lashes – DeeTaleZ – Dramatic Eyes & Lashes for May PowderPack Catwa Edition

Skin Face – League – Ella Catwa Applier Pale
Skin Body – League – Maitreya Body Applier Pale

My body & bits
Body – Maitreya Lara V4.1 (with feet and Bento Hands)
Head – Catwa – Catya V2.08
Eyes – Catwa – Mesh Eyes V1.0

Photos taken on location at NorderNey (group only access)

I’m not doing Valentines…


I’m not doing Valentines Day, nope. No hearts and flowers for me this year. That doesn’t mean I can’t wish you all a day filled with love and blessings whatever you are doing.

Here’s a little post with some awesome things….

First up we have this lovely cute little outfit from Prism Designs, this is the Sonia Lounge wear set by Jezzixa and includes the bralet and shorts. It comes in 5 std sizes plus an alpha so will fit both classic and mesh bodies. It comes in three colours, caramel, blue and purple, I’m wearing caramel. You can get this now at the 148th round of Designer Circle until 25th February.


Staying at Designer Circle we have this tattoo. This is the Elegance tattoo from Queen of Ink. It comes in appliers for TMP, Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Catwa, Lelutka and Omega. Each applier has a 100% or a 50% option. I’m wearing 50%.

Still with Designer Circle my eye makeup is the Lila Shadow from Slack Girl. This dramatic shadow comes in appliers for Catwa, Akeruka and Omega plus tattoo layers for classic heads. There are 8 different colours available.


My eyes are the Capriccio eyes by Mesange. These beautiful eyes come in both mesh and standard versions. There is a HUD included for use with the mesh eyes which also includes appliers for Omega enabled eyes and Genesis cosmetic appliers. All Mesange eyes are unisex too! You can get these eyes at the Applique event which starts tomorrow (15th Feb).

My shoes are from Glamistry, these are the Amaryllis Heels. They come in fits for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink. There are 12 colours of shoe and 2 colours of metals changeable via a HUD. You can get these little beauties now at the Glamistry Mainstore.

My hair is from KoKoLoRes, this is called Vai. There are lots of colours available, I’m wearing from HUD no 1. You can get this cute cropped style now from Hairology until 28th February.

Ok thats the lot from me for now, I have included a cleare picture right at the end so you can see the tattoo and outfit more closely. Thanks for reading, happy shopping….

Outfit – Prism Designs – Sonia Lounge wear Set by Jezzixa Caramel (bralet & shorts) for Designer Circle Round 148 12th – 25th February

Tattoo – Queen of Ink – Elegance Tattoo for Designer Circle Round 148 12th – 25th February

Eye Makeup – SlackGirl – Lila Shadow for Designer Circle Round 148 12th – 25th February

Eyes – Mesange – Capriccio Eyes for Applique opens 15th February

Shoes – Glamistry – Amaryllis Heels

Hair – KoKoLoReS Hair – Vai – Hud 01 – for Hairology 10th – 28th February

Skin – Atelier Pepe – Carol – Spring for Uber until 23rd February

My body & bits
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with feet)
Hands – Vista – Bento Prohands V.1Final
Head – Catwa – Catya V2.08
Eyes – Catwa – Mesh Eyes V1.0

Pictures taken at my private home


The Words You Wouldn’t Say

Prism For Marvelous 1

What do I do now that you are gone?
No backup plan, no second chance
And no-one else to blame
All I can hear in the silence that remains
Are the words YOU wouldn’t say


Beautifully sexy and cute leather dress with fringing from Journey McGlaglen of Prism. Comes in four lovely colours, I’m wearing Sharksin. Colour change via a HUD. The dress comes in the usual standard sizes with an alpha for classic avi’s and fits for Maitreya, And Slink Physique and Hourglass. The detail and quality of the texturing on this dress is excellent. You can get the Kate dress now at Marvelous Monthly.

Eyes Lips Bebeauty Eyemakeup Revamped

Again I want to show you another colour of Eye makeup form Kodaijin Makeup. Available at this round of Revamped, the Kagayaku Ni set comes in tattoo layers for classic avatars plus appliers for Omega, Lelutka and Visage. 8 colours including a Black and white option each with a vivid, semi-vivid and muted option. Im wearing the semi-vivid purple colour via the Omega HUD.

VT Galore Hearts Revamped

Also at Revamped, my lovely nails from Vengeful Threads, the third and final set form them I have to show you. This one is called Galore Hearts. 10 Colour options and appliers for Omega and Slink.

My eyes are from Mesange, another fabulous release. For the first round of the new Be Beauty Event, The Deep Feeling Eyes as always come in 15 colours with both system and mesh eyes with an alpha layer if you need it. I’m wearing No 15 mesh eyes from the collection.

Also a first for Be Beauty, and a first for !IT! Indulge Temptation, who are known for their awesome jewelry releases. This time the release is a set of lipstick appliers for Catwa heads, Kaysha’s Kisses. There are 4 colour sets available I’m wearing the first option from HUD 1 on my Catwa Tumble head. The colour sets range from subtle to dark and dramatic so something to fit every occasion and mood. Good Job Aina, can’t wait to see more from your makeup line!

The pose in the main picture is by Image Essentials for the Trendz Event. I’m using no 4 from the set, but there are 6 lovely poses plus mirrors, so in total a set of 12 poses, great for blogging, photography and modeling, or anything else you may need poses for!

Well, that’s it from me, below the usual when and where to grab all of it, happy shopping….
Dress – Prism Kate by Journey – Sharksin for Marvelous Monthly 1st – 25th September

Eye Makeup – Kodaijin Makeup – Kagayaku Ni for Revamped 28th August – 20th September

Nails – Vengeful Threads – Galore Hearts Nails for Revamped 28th August – 20th September

Eyes – MESANGE – Deep Feelings Eyes 15 for Be Beauty Event 1st to 27th September

Lips – !IT! – Kayshla’s Kisses for Be Beauty Event 1st – 27th September

Pose – IE Image Essentials – Trendz #4 – for Trendz Event

Hair – Vanity Hair:: – Twin Picks- Black

My body and bits….
Head – CATWA Tumble V4.9
Body – Maitreya Lara V3.5
Hands – Slink Casual V2.3
Feet – Slink Flat V2.1 (Alpha’d to fit boots)

Pictures taken on location at Hazardous

30/31 Art Event – Prism

3031 prism_001

Round two of the 30/31 Artistic Shopping Event is now open. It runs from 31st May till 7th June. The Event is run by Windlight Magazine and you can read more about the event and a list of designers participating on their website. Here is the link…

3031 Logo

Today I have two pieces of Artwork to show you from Journey McLaglen of Prism Designs

The Painting – Heart Embers by Journey McLaglen

Beautiful and emotional painting. No words I can say will do it justice but here are a few words from the artist herself…

“Sometimes there are parts of us we must leave behind. This painting depicts a female’s upper torso holding onto the part of her she leaves behind. Their hands form a heart. Life pours from them in the form of red leaves shaped like hearts as if to show growth and in the process we always carry and share part of all of our experiences. The red hair and lips signify the life blood that tints and renews the desert around them.”

You can find this item inworld HERE

The Gown – Prism Gwinny by Journey “The Butterfly Gown”

Beautifully tailored gown in subtle shades of blues and oranges. The skirt layers move gracefully as I move. It really is very lovely. Inspired by the colours of a butterfly’s wings.

You can find this item inworld HERE

3031 prism_002

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