Messing About On The River

When the weather is fine then you know it's a sign For messing about on the river If you take my advice there's nothing so nice As messing about on the river There are long boats and short boats and all kinds of craft And cruisers and keel boats and some with no draught So... Continue Reading →

Caught In A Web

Ahhhh! She screamed, as the spider approached her.....she struggled, but could not free herself from the web. As the spider drew nearer, she trembled, and let out a blood curdling scream one last time..... Halloween season is almost upon us, and my friends over at Something New Props and Poses have done something amazing. They... Continue Reading →


Happening RIGHT NOW... 50% off Flash Sale at {POSH PIXELS}. Everything at our MAIN STORE and the Satelite store at LaVian & Co. is 50% off until Saturday, September 10th! What's on sale? Appliers (OMEGA) Shoes Outfits Mesh Enhancements ... EVERYTHING! EXCLUDES WEEKEND SALE ITEM VENDORS! Here's how it works... the vendors will charge you... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Rose of Friendship

Good Morning! Happy Thursday to you all!. It's nearly the weekend! Although I'm not much looking forward to this weekend! This weekend I turn another year older (but not wiser!). Also this weekend marks a couple of sad anniversaries for me. So although I have a fun day on Saturday planned with dinner out and... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be Lonely….

 I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your love to see me through Please believe me, my heart is in your hands And I'll be missing you. Outfit - LUXE Paris MINA Bikini-Skirt LUXE Paris Mainstore, LUXE Paris Marketplace Sandals - Slipper - Holiday Sandals - Click HERE to see a closeup Summer Lovin Hunt... Continue Reading →

Paint It Black!

I see a red door and I want it painted black No colors any more, I want them to turn black I see the boys walk by, dressed in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes Aewsome NEW event called Addicted To Black, showcasing, well, anything BLACK! I have... Continue Reading →


I can't stop the war Shelter homeless, feed the poor I can't walk on water I can't save your sons and daughters I can't change the world to make things fair The least that I can do is care Dress - [[ Masoom ]] Blossom dress Cherry Exclusive For ULTRA Event until 15th June Comes... Continue Reading →

Beauty Is….

What you think is beautiful others may hate, So don't force your opinion on another, Some things will lift you while others deflate, What you love to some may well smother. Don't be self-righteous step down from your perch, It's much deeper than the depth of our skin, What you can't see is where you... Continue Reading →

Kung Fu Fighting….

.........Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh, ha Everybody was Kung Fu fighting Those kids were fast as lightning In fact it was a little bit frightening Make sure you have expert timing Kung Fu fighting, had to be fast as lightning... Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh, ha Happy Friday People! See I'm practicing my moves on the beach this morning! So watch out! I... Continue Reading →

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